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are spoiled was in attendance at the book festival held at the annually. >> joining us at george mason gears professor philip auerswald, his most recent book is this, shrink three. here's the cover of the book. what role does fear play in development? >> well, that's a great question. they don't talk about what role does fear play in our conversation about development, so when we talk about our reality to share our ideas in the marketplace can we compete with other atheists only know three things about marketplace ideas. short-term sells better than long-term. fear sells better than hope that negative sells better than positive and exaggerated sells better than moderated. so we see a disproportionate number of short-term narratives of negative exaggerated stories essentially. so short-term, negative can exaggerated. there's good reasons for that we are creatures that grouping savanna or environments where were the only subject to threats. so we are looking at the that's going to hurt us. but we are no longer as environments. we are in a complex economy that really relies on organizations to
polls decided this divided. thousands of supporters lined up at george mason university excited northern -- the last 48 hours of the campaign. mitt romney wants to turn this .wing state back to read told these virginia voters difference.ake the he gave one of the final of his presidential campaign. door to a broader future there. waiting for us. i need your vote, i need your work. .alk with me tomorrow is a new beginning. >> he stard the morning in to lynchburgent on in fairfax. he decided to add an airport in new hampshire tonight. the final rally is now scheduled for pittsburg. from thee live tonight rally. they have decided to add ohioer trip back to then on tod before ending tomorrow in boston. will be like to not for all your election coverage. cooper, abc 7 news. >> the other big race for voters in battleground virginia is the race for the united states senate. >> the candidate also spent the thoseying to inspire undecided voters. tomorrow night, one of two former virginia governors will become the new senator. jeff goldberg is live in on thisia with more important race. >> the pas
>> booktv sat down with philip auerswald at george mason university to discuss his book, "the coming prosperity." professor auerswald was in attendance at the fall for the book festival held annually at the university. this is about half an hour. >> now joining us here at george mason university is professor philip auerswald, whose most recent book is "the coming prosperity: how entrepreneurs are transforming the global economy." here's the cover of the book. professor auerswald, what role does fairplay and economic development? >> guest: well, that's a great question and maybe i'll talk about what role does fear play in our conversation about development and our conversation presence? so when we talk about our reality and share our ideas in the marketplace, we are competing with other ideas. we know three things about marketplace ideas. short-term sells better than long-term. fear sells better than hope. negative sells better than positive that is to say exaggerated flows better than moderated. to receive disproportionate number of short-term narratives of negative, exaggerat
, including a rally at george mason this afternoon. the commonwealth with mitt romney trailing the president with just 1%. >> how hot is this election? d.c. residents have turned out in record numbers to votes. the board of elections estimates 52,000 residents voted early. more than double the number of people who voted early in 2010 when early voting started in d.c. it was worth the wait for a lot of voters. some had to wait in line at least two hours to cast their ballot. >> and with less than 24 hours to go before marylanders hit the polls, today governor martin o'malley will hit three separate rally. first, the rally supporting the gaming referendum. it will start at 10:15 at baltimore's inner harbor. governor o'malley will then attend two rallies for marriage equality. the first rally will take place right at the federal hill. the second rally will be held at 3:00 this afternoon at the university of maryland. and those are just two of the ballot initiatives marylanders will be voting on in this election. news 4 megan mcgrath breaks down some of the contentious issues and the impact resu
connection to george mason? >> guest: i am a george mason graduate and i'm a season ticket holder for the basketball team. i am on campus a lot, and it's great to be here for fall for the book festival. it has grown so much during the time i have been here. it's great to see. >> host: who is robert budd. >> guest: he is my father. he died very suddenly. people he worked with, he said, your father changed my life. he was an extremely poor guy, but he was smart and ambitious and he worked his way up to a fortune 500 company, management level, but he never forgot where he started and what it was like to be hungry. and he always took care of the people. he made them successful and after he passed away, i read his letters. and i thought, what am i doing? were people going to say about me when it's my turn to go back to theirs. >> host: you establish a foundation or scholarship here? >> guest: yes, yes i did. though robert m. budd scholarship foundation. >> host: we have put out your twitter candle in case people are able to get hold of you. ken budd. "the voluntourist" is the book. tha >> brooke stoddard joined booktv at george mason university in virginia to talk about his book, "world in the balance." mr. stoddard was one of the authors appearing at the fall for the book festival, held annually at the university. this is just under half an hour. >> and you're watching booktv tv on c-span2. we are on location at george mason university. university. every fall for the book festival called fall for the book. one of the authors who was speaking at the book festival is brooke stoddard, and here he is this book, "world in the balance: the perilous months of june-october 1940". brooke stoddard, world war ii started about six months prior to your book. what was happening in europe in june 1940? >> the war had started in september 1939, peter, and germany had overrun poland. hitler's idea at this point was to invade france and knock britain out of the war thereby. with the intent later on to invade the soviet union. he hated communism. this is one thing that was really part of his agenda. he was actually going to invade france in the wintertime, in november-de
. >>> i'm julie carey, george mason students are getting a rare opportunity. they're taking classes and living at the smithsonian biology conservation institute. i'll give you a tour of the new digs her have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >>> it's a living classroom. students from george mason get to study and live at the smithsonian's new biology center in front royal. julie carey takes us on a tour. >> reporter: behind these gates that lead to the smithsonian conservation biology institute are 25 endangered animals species, and the scientists who study them in their habitats. this fall something new
was held at george mason university in virginia where the events are held. is an hour and 15 minutes. [applause] >> better than the guy who brought the correct sign out. >> thank you very much. what a lively audience. wish i could stay longer. my name is phil miller and i direct the books program festival and graduate writing program at george mason. [applause] >> i was going to say you arrived with the intended to or not. if your arrival is accidental because you are more interested in neil gaiman than the book. we started the festival wednesday, i am following myself. the we are having a great time. we don't end until sunday. there are programs that the lobby, and this very room on sunday. [applause] >> mayor silver for and will introduce tonight's guess. we are going to keep things to a minimum. he is going to take questions from cards that you filled out before you came in and answer those and then we will do the presentation and then we will be done but the bookstore will be open out in the lobby. so here is the mayor. [applause] >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen and disting
. >>> students from george mason university have the opportunity to study and live with endangered species. it's part of an education program at the smithsonian's new biology center in front royal, virginia. julie carey got a tour. >> reporter: on one side of campus, endangered animals roam. on the other side, college students in a lab. the creatures and students are sharing space on the 3,200 acres that make up the smithsonian conservation biology institute. this fall, thanks to a partnership between george mason university and the smithsonian, students live and learn at the institute. think of it as a unique study abroad program. >> it's beneficial. we get to mix and mingle with some of the top scientists in the field every day just over lunch. and it's a really great opportunity. >> reporter: whether it's in the dining hall, in the lab, or doing field work, these students are immersed in their program. half the faculty is from mason, half from the smithsonian. this brand-new dorm houses students during the semester-long experience. also new for the program, these two buildings that used to
. the took on water.ry to play. they stopped the play and canceled the game. how about george mason. all they did tonight was shock virginia. this one in fairfax tied at 57. mason crosses it up. that would be good from the n.b.a. free line. they beat virginia 63-59. let's go up a level. the wizards back at home looking for their first win this season. rookie bradley deal brought his a game tonight. he had 22. it wasn't enough. taking on the bucks third quarter action. 4-3. that's good. we're tied at 70. but milwaukee closed the door, went on a 13-run from there. the tip in right there, the wizards remain winless. milwaukee wins 101-91. friday night means high school football. smith takes it all the way. great play. mead would knock off anne arundel though. >> for a complete wrap wrup of tonight's high school action post high school sports final coming up in a couple minutes. >> are the terps taking suggestions on those uniforms? >> you don't like them. >> ok. there you go. we'll be oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? wel
to virginia for 2 rallies including a stop a george mason university that also have thousands waiting in line. then from dulles to ohio and on to manchester where kid rock rome -- warmed up the crowd with a song that has become romney anthem. then mitt and ann romney took to the crowd with thunderous applause. >> he is losing his voice but he just told this ground that it was here in new hampshire where he started the campaign. >> thank you so much. maryland voters make decisions question for asks voters to decide if the children of undocumented immigrants should be allowed to pay in state college tuition. question since -- 6 as about six mayors. question 7, and a casino in prince george's county and its f table games should be added to existing casinos. >> george allen will visit several polling stations around the state before may -- before heading to an election night party in richmond. tim kaine voting in richmond. he will then head to several places before heading to a richmond hotel where he watched the returns. voters in virginia will be the first in our area to get to vote today. >> b
day of campaigning, mitt romney will spend his day in lynchburg and head to a rally -- at george mason university. >> thanks, rebecca. residents of maryland turned out in big numbers for their final chance to turn in an early voting ballot. the state board of elections said early voting hit a record high of nearly 300,000 this year extended by one day because of hurricane sandy. >> through election day, if you see any problems at polling places, from long lines to machine of functions, please let us know. you can let us know on twitter or send an e-mail. >> also tonight, the latest on the aftermath of hurricane sandy. and were just in that the new york city marathon schedule for the weekend has been cancelled. this comes as the patience of storm victims is wearing thin. supplies are not reaching many while others wait in long lines for gasoline and other essential items. we have the latest from our satellite center. >> the recovery is not coming as fast as anyone affected by the storm would like. some lost everything they had and are having to wait for the most basic necessities. this
experience for our guys. >>> at the patriot center tonight george mason playing host to uva. it was a close game in the 1st half. off a uva miss mason outrunning brian allen to paris bennett all alone underneath. patriots up one, but this game was tied 32-32 at the break. 2nd half game tied 50-50 until joe harris gets the pullup three. he had 19 points. cavaliers are up by three, but this game would be tied again. just over a minute to go, mason with the ball, allen with the stepback, three and it's good. mason up 60-57. they hold on for the 63-59 victory. the first time ever that george mason has beat virginia. >>> don't go away, more hoops coming up including the wizards still in the hunt for their first win of the season. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. you want more wthan anything else?nt a pony! what's he doing daddy? just... ahhhhhhhhhhhh! happy holidays, honey. a pony! ok, who wants waffles? get the hottest, new toys at the toys r us store on ebay. when it's on your mind,
, ohio, new hampshire and virginia. his rally in the comment wealth will be held at george mason patriot center at 2:45 this affect. yesterday, governor romney had events in iowa, pennsylvania, florida and virginia. they are crisscrossing the states. >>> as the candidates make their final push, officials in new york and new jersey are now faced with the challenge of getting people out to vote. >> it's big challenge as clean- up and recovery efforts continue following hurricane sandy. >> reporter: nearly a week after sandy hit the east coast, power outages still plague parts of the northeast. that along with damaged and destroyed buildings could mean a lack of places for voters to cast their ballots. new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he is working to ensure voter will not miss their opportunity to participate in the election. >> we'll do anything we can to help the board of elections. we've got to make sure everybody can vote. it is not going to be easy but we'll both work hard on that. >> reporter: officials in new jersey are also taking steps. >> you still go to the polling pla
the country. >> reporter: george mason economist steven fuller says federal services and facilities could be shut down or cut back. the national zoo and smithsonian could cut back hours. you might not get that passport renewed in time for your trip. >> new york city is all but shut down. >> reporter: how about the next big storm? >> the weather guys will have to look out the window more often. >> reporter: meterologists were able to track hurricane sandy using federal satellites. will noaa be able to spend what it needs? >> satellite controlled navigation, that system won't be put in place. >> reporter: we could see slowdowns at some airports. >> the faa is going to have to take some controllers out of the towers. >> reporter: fuller says everybody will be inconvenienced but worse? >> just about everybody will see their tax goes up. >> reporter: people who work will see their payroll tax goes up and people who itemize won't be able to deduct child care expenses because congress hasn't continued those reductions and small businesses will lose money because of changes in the inheritan
at george mason university. employers from geico to northrop grumman came tout talk to job candidate. one local company's also doing its part to hire war heroes. two marines moving is a growing moving company that's hired 35 veterans this weekend alone and is hoping to hire 50 by the end of the weekend. anyone interested can still apply. >>> there are several events tomorrow around our nation's capital to mark veterans day. arlington cemetery holds its annual veterans day service which includes a wreath laying at the tomb of the unknown soldier at 11:00 a.m. at mt. vernon, a wreath will be placed at george washington's tomb to honor the country's first commander in chief. there will also be a patriotic concert performed by a veteran barber shop quartet at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. there will be a special veterans day tribute at the vietnam veterans memorial at 1:00 p.m. and a similar service will take place at the same time tomorrow at the navy memorial. >>> a high-profile resignation of another kind. this time across the pond. what led the top executive at the bbc to step down. >>> the va
georgetown 23. the game was stopped at half time. all right. back home. paul hewitt and george mason. brian allen the liquidator to the 10. he had 2. allen it's raining three. high arcing bomb. nba hoops, bucks, wizards nothing says friday night excitement like bucks and wizards. not. bradley beel his best game of had his young career. he had 22. bucks began the game down 12-0. it didn't matter. they outscored the wizards by 22. washington 0-4. coming up, playoff action in high school football. we head to virginia and maryland for round one. somebody taking on lincoln and leesburg. stick around has ecl ou mi byb lhthee? h!ite acdrs et0 loe stsnk! awom wdeifheha tt msi! wchs zeweme inbabechse omheauinco veouauedod? insecrmyozrea thheederne fvo ofunri tats d si ty loes wge u' fe iul inve lt t. th lghg w ee. veouauedod? >>> it's time for usa today high school sports presented by toyota. >> it's the oldest school in loudoun county against one of the newest one. wood grove opened in 2010. loudoun county began operating in 1954. the robbery, as you would expect, still being cultivated, but it's
. >>> a push to help out -- help veterans find work at a career fair today at george mason university. the second year the nair been held at patriot center. employers from geico to northrup drummond came out to talk to the veterans who served since 9/11. organizers say a number could go up with more troops coming home from afghanistan in the coming year. the goal of today's career fair was to get 200 vets placed in any job. the transition from military to civilian life can be difficult. explaining how a local company is working to fix that. >> reporter: every morning, marquis johnson and his co-workers check in and gear up. though the former servicemen come from different branches of the armed forces they're acustomed to the uniform pants. when you see nem action, it can only be found veterans, finding work for veterans in this economy has been tough. >> sometimes i feel like it's a slap to the face, because we've served our country. >> reporter: johnson left the army in 2009 after serving two tours in iraq. >> i have plenty of interviews, and people shake my hand and tell me thanks f
will not count and will not be made up. can you believe that's how it ends? party at the patriots center. george mason picking up uva. johnny williams from the ring. and you can count it. 11 on the night, ties the game at 50. just over a minute left, score still tied. buy y byron allen is feeling it, holds on for the upset, 63-59 over virginia. to the verizon center. the wizards looking for their first win against the bucs. milwaukee's branden jennings comes from behind. shows him. he got teamed up, it was the second of the game. the bucs win it 1 01-91. >>> high school playoff football. the state championship marching band. don't you know that hosting chevy chasz, 22 points with a six-yard scamper. not much later on 13 and 18. and williams doesn't come down for anybody. can you believe this guy? 6, -- 6'10", 200 pound senior, they win it. >> they're going to work next week on tackling. >> just so you know at bcc, that's their playoffs. so that's their lost. it's hard for anyone to get that guy down. >> yeah, he's a good ballplayer. >> you got >>> like a lot of viral videos, one of the most-watc
campaign in fairfax county, virginia, where a rally wrapped up here at george mason's university patriot center. governor romney trying to whip supporters into a friendy and succeeding in doing that and trying to win the undecided voters in these last hours of the deadlocked race. >> you hope that president obama would live up to his promise to bring people together. so tosolve big problems. he hasn't. i will. [ applause ] >> in the land of hope. >> reporter: to madison, wisconsin, now. bruce springsteen joining president obama for one of his largest rallies yet in the state that the president said is critical to his re-election. >> the choice between returning to the topdown policies that crashed our economy or a future that is built on providing opportunity to everybody in growing a strong middle class. >> we had back -- head back to our area in the commonwealth. that is where vice president joe biden made the democratic ticket's last stops in the state. >>> i'm beth parker in sterling, virginia. this is the spot where virginia turns from red to blue and joe biden made it clear to the
for supporters and volunte volunteers. romney will be at lynchburg tomorrow and george mason later that day. president obama was in new hampshire, florida today, ohio and colorado tonight, but his surrogates spent the day in the commonwealth. madeline albright canvassed with campaign volunteers. >>> that close to home today, police are searching for a person of interest after a robbery at a obama campaign office down in florida. fort meyers place say an employee found the front door of the office smashed this morning. the only thing reported missing is an envelope with an undisclosed amount of money inside of it. no computers stolen, no vandalism was reported. surveillance cameras captured a man on video in that area overnight. >>> be sure to stay with news 4 for complete coverage of the election. you can also stay up to date on our website, >>> well, another disappointing day for redskins fans at fedex field. coach mike shanahan called this game a must win earlier this week. dan hellie is live at fedex field tonight. now how the skins wanted to head into their bye week.
and singer dave matthews. mitt romney will be in fairfax monday at george mason university. >>> a judge heard argument today over policy for poll workers. both parties have poll watchers and they are typically there to answer any questions voters have about what's on the ballot. a ruling is expected before tuesday, election day. >>> the most recent polls show the senate race between george allen and tim kaine too close to call in virginia. a survey just wednesday by roanoke college gives allen a five-point edge but another poll released the same day by cbs news, the "new york times," and quinn anyipiac university was also released. tim kaine revved up the crowd. a relationship kaine's opponent, george allen is trying to portray as bad thing. >> we want those dreamers. >> reporter: likewise, kin's campaign is trying to do the same with allen's ties to romney. the senate candidates are closely aligned with the presidential candidates on most issues >> i'm one who is a strong proponent of affordable, personal, and portable health savings accounts. >> the insurance companies can no longer use the
seconds we would be in trouble. john: profit saves things. thank you. george mason university. coming up, these animals are endangered. was the best way to save them? kill them. that's right. kill them. ♪ john: look at the buffalo roam. bison are a great example of tragedy. 30 million of them once roamed in america. that's because no one knows them or rather everyone knows them. indians and the white settlers kept haunting them until there were nearly extinct. the buffalo herd went from 30 million to 1,000. now they have made a comeback, because now people own them. here to help explain what happened. whatappens? >> well, property rights were established over the very few remaining by some of left. when they got down to about 1,000 there were some cattle ranchers have roger been a real enough to figure out that te bison were worth more alive than dead at that point. so they went out to the great plains and gathered the remnants of what was left, 10-15 bison and grew th into the herds that today have made -- led to the comeback. john: they protected them for their own profit. >> they fo
almost starved. george mason university economist brush roberts as the real thanksgiving story. what's the real story? >> an important lesson we learn from the programs which was when they first came to this country they thought it would be nice to share. communal property, a big area that they farmed. john: the corporation actually ordered them. >> work on this together and then we will divvy it up equally well, it was pretty harsh. it was cold. a lot of them got sick. they didn't grow much food for two reasons. one was that everybody is working together there is a tendency to shirk. let the other guy do it. i still get my share. similarly, when stuff grew and the harvest came some people poked. they picked the fruit, corn in this case. depicted early thinking of get a whole year if a ticket and keep it. otherwise and sharing it with everybody else. >> get a bigger share overall as a result. their productivity in that first year was atrocious. governor bradford realize this immediately after a so what happened that the incentives or wrong. john: wrote in his diary. what must they do
, a professor of privilege -- public policy at george mason university. we have just heard from janet murguia from the national council of la raza. with that, mr. packer, the microphone is yours. >> thank you for having me on the panel. i appreciated and i am unearned to be with my colleagues here. a couple of things about the reagan group. -- raven group. it is a public relations firm. the majority of our clients are progressive, non-profit organizations. our firm is committed to enhancing the ideals of the broad range of the progress of community. personally, i do education policy. i work for the national education association and have worked with them for 25 years. i have been doing policy for 35 years. i would like to talk about some of the challenges we are facing. we are facing a lot of challenges. we will talk most about the challenges we face from the congress and a whole set of issues. i will start first about funding. one of the clients i represent is the committee for education funding, which is a coalition of 100 national education organizations. federal investment in education. w
at george mason university in fix. we have a preview. >> after nearly a year of campaigning it comes down to a final day on the campaign trail. last chance or candidates to get out the final push before polls open. in less than 24 hours voters will have r head to the polls. >> i haven't made up my mind. >> the candidates and running mates are chris crossing the swing states today. president barack obama will hold events in wisconsin and ohio and vice president joe biden will be in virginia. mitt romney will stop in florida, ohio and new hampshire and paul ryan in colorado nevada and iowa. >> i want to show what you real change looks like because i fought for it. because i delivered t. we can't give up on it now. >> we hoped president obama would live up to his promise to bring people together to solve big problems but he hasn't. and i will. >> polls show the race is dead looked. 49% of likely votersobama and 48% romney. nearly every poll is just that close. we already know this tens of millions of people have cost ballot because of early voting. certainly this will be o
stops in the commonwealth. he'll stop by lynchburg before heading to george mason university this afternoon. the rally begins at 2:45 at the patriot center. doors open at 12:45. vice president joe pbiden will visit virginia today. he'll make two stops in richmond and sterling. he and his wife will be joined by senators jim webb and mark warner. tim kaine will also be there as well as singer john mellencamp. >>> volunteers are also getting out the vote in the commonwealth. supporters for both candidates are working long hours, making a lot of phone calls, knocking on a lot of doors during the final push. the president's camp said nearly 21,000 volunteers contacted nearly 1 million voters either in person or on the phone on saturday. the romney campaign says they talked to about 2 million voters. >> it's the future of our country for the next four years. what's more important than that? >> i haven't volunteered ever before. this is really the first time in any campaign, but i think it's a very important election, and i think it's a pivotal decision point. >> some volunteers are
in virginia, including one this afternoon at george mason university. the republican presidential nominee will also hold rallies in florida and new hampshire. both candidates are making their closing arguments to voters. >> ultimately, it's up to you. you have the power. you will be shaping the decisions for this country right now in the next two days. >> if the president thinks more government is the answer, no, mr. president, more good jobs, that's the answer. >> that was mitt romney last night in pennsylvania. his campaign hoping somehow wins in the keystone state. he trails the president by 4% in the real clear politics average of recent polls. >> d.c. voters already turning out in record numbers to vote in this election. 52,000 residents voted early this year. that is more than double the number of people who voted early in 2010. when early voting began in d.c., some voters had to wait in long lines, some two hours or more to cast their ballot. remember the news 4 i-team is on voter patrol. if you see a problem when you head to the polls tomorrow, we want to hear from you. call the t
is set to appear at george mason university for a rally on monday. his running mate paul ryan is racking up the frequent flyer miles, too. he is scheduled to hit ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, and florida in the span of eight hours today. >>> today is the last chance for d.c. voters to head to the polls before everybody else does on tuesday. early voting officially ends in the district tonight. last week people waited in long lines to cast their ballots. this weekend early voting in each of the district places runs from 8:30 this morning to 9:00 tonight. it is the last day for in person absentee voting in virginia. fairfax county extended hours today. you'll be able to vote from 8:00 this morning until 5:00 this evening. fairfax and loudoun counties both suspended in person absentee voting during hurricane sandy. >> early voting is over in maryland and now some people are worried about expected crowds on election day. in prince george's county long lines were the norm as people tried to cast their ballot before tuesday. some waited three or four hours to cast their vote. around 56,000 peo
will be in fairfax, virginia this afternoon for a rally at george mason university and he will fin you be up in new hampshire where he secured the republican nomination. >> busy last-minute traveling for those candidates. thank you. >>> nearly a week after sandy pummeled much of the northeast, residents in some of the hardest hit areas are batting cold weather and a new threat from mother nature. fox's rick leventhal is in hoboken, new jersey with more. >> reporter: with difficult recovery efforts continuing in much of the northeast, dropping temperatures now raising new concerns. six days after sandy, many resident still have no power. new york governor andrew cuomo says homes without heat are, quote, uninhabitable. >> we'll have tens of thousands of people who need housing solutions right away. >> reporter: right now, forecasters say a nor'easter could hit the region by wednesday. a fuel shortage is expected to continue for days in northern new jersey. many drivers still waiting in long lines to fill their tanks. >> this was the closest to the house so i figure, once you're on line, i guess you j
of brigham young. john turner, assistant professor of religious studies at george mason university in virginia, jeff johnson, former utah state activist and historian craig foster recount the life of the mormon leader who died in 1877. they examine the role that brigham young assumed following the death of mormonism's founder, joseph smith, in 1834 as he led congregants of the church across the rocky mountains and established settlements in utah. this is just over an hour. >> to begin with, may i suggest that we do a round of applause for those people who have sponsored this? it's so much work, and we should appreciate them. prison -- [applause] today we are fortunate to have with us john turner. he teaches religious studies at george mason university in virginia, and his history that we are discussing today is a very important contribution. i'm impressed. and it's hard to impress me. you taught history for 34 times at the university of utah. his first book, bill bright and campus crusade for christ's renewal, the renewal of evangelical in postwar america, it was a prize-winning bo
at george mason university in virginia, jeff johnson former utah state activist and craig foster recount the life of the mormon leader who died in 1877. they established a settlement in utah. this is just over an hour. >> to begin with, may i suggest that we do a round of applause for those people who have sponsored this. it's so much work and we should appreciate them. [applause] today we are fortunate to have with us john turner. he teaches religious studies at george mason university in virginia and his history that we are discussing today is a very important contribution. i am impressed. and it's hard to impress me. i taught utah history 34 times at the university of utah. his first book, bill bright and the campus crusade for christ, the renewing of evangelical in post-war america was a prize-winning book. he is a graduate of notre dame. they will be in our minds today. he is from new york state, upstate as they call it, not really very far from where brigham young worked and not far from column i wrote. well, his insight and balance we will talk about later on in the program. the o
, chuck.bell@nbc >> and a shout out at george mason. they won last night. the basketball team. just getting started. >> i don't even pay attention until we're in the club house at the end of the season. >> all right. thanks, chuck. >>> if you are an allergy sufferer you know this was a rough year. >> unfortunately, some doctors say you haven't seen anything yet. nbc's erica edwards has more on the ominous predictions being made about future allergy seasons. >> reporter: allergists have looked into the future and see a lot more of this. >> with each year i continue to see a rise in allergies and an increase in allergy patients. >> reporter: new research presented at a meeting of the american college of asthma and immunology and allergies finds seasonal allergies will get worse as pollen counts double over the coming decades. the reason is climate change. allergists say nothing to sneeze at. >> if we see a rise in greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide this fuels the growth for pollinating plants so it leads to an increase in allergies. >> reporter: in the year 2000, pollen produ
is there tonight. wyatt? >> reporter: scott, this is the george mason university student center in fairfax, virginia. and this one key question tonight in this key state is who wins the youth vote. that is voters under age 35. it was almost five years ago in this very atrium that the students here staged an electrifying rally for the then-unknown senator barack obama. that rally helped energize the students for obama movement nationwide and helped obama win virginia. but now fast forward to just yesterday when mitt romney was the rock star on this very same campus. 5,000 people came to hear him in the basketball arena with several thousand people listening to him from the outside. tonight the obama campaign says it owns the numbers of young voters, the romney campaign says it owns young voters' enthusiasm. and the extent to which young voters will either stay in or quit the obama coalition, scott, that could be decisive tonight in this razor-thin fight for battleground virginia. >> pelley: wyatt, thank you. now, the biggest of the swing states is florida with 29 electoral votes and we have
quoted a george mason university study that finds that the state of california would lose somewhere around 220,000 jobs if we do go over that so-called fiscal cliff. reporting live here, san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you very much. >>> returning to the house oakland representative barbara lee. she won a decisive victory over marilyn singleton to keep that seat. we spoke to lee about what is next for congress. >> the american people are going to demand that democrats, republicans, independents come together on behalf of the american people. i look forward to continuing to work with our democratic caucus to really figure out, you know, strategies to make sure that they don't keep saying no, that we figure out how to break that log jam. >> lee also adds newly re-elected president barack obama is working to bring the country together and she's very much looking forward to continuing work with the president. >>> our meteorologist christina lauren is working to bring you your forecast from hot temps to rain. >> yeah, mother nature can't make up her mind but f
online at >>> in an interview conducted on the campus of george mason university during the fall for the book festival. in the book she shares her experience with growing up in mexico without her parents. who immigrate to the united states illegally to find work. this is about half an hour. >> what is -- [inaudible] >> the way u grew up knowing it was it was the reference to the united states, but to me because i grew up in the hometown surrounded by mountains, i didn't know where the united states was to me it was the other side of the mountain. during the time my parents were gone, working here in the u.s. i will look at the mountain something i parents were over there on the other side of the mountains. that was what it meant to me. >> where did you grow up? originally where were u born. >> in mexico. southern mexico in the little city that nobody has heard of. why mention ak acapulco everybody knows that. it was three hours away from there. >> when did your parents come to the united states? how would were you? >> my father came here in 1977 when i was two years old.
on the campus of george mason university in virginia during the fall of the book that'll come booktv talks to reyna grande about her memoir, "the distance between us." in the book she shares her experiences growing up in mexico without her parents, who immigrated to the united states and legally defined work. this is about half an hour. >> reyna grande what is -- >> the way i grew up knowing was it was referenced to the united states. but to me because i grew up in this town surrounded by mountains, and i didn't know where the united states was, to me it was the other side of the mountains. and during that time that my parents were gone working here in the u.s., i would look at the mountains and think that my parents were over there, on the other side of those mounts to so that was it to me. >> where did you grow up? where we for? >> i was born in mexico, southern mexico in a little city that nobody has heard of. but when i mentioned, everybody knows a couple. it was three hours away from acapulco. >> when did your parents come to the united states? how old were you? >> my father came ther
at george mason university. every fall they have a book it's value called fall for the book, and one of the authors who's speaking at the book festival is brooke stoddard. and here is his book, "world in the balance: the perilous months of june-october 1940." brooke stoddard, world war ii, it started about six months prior to your book. what was happening in europe in june 1940? what was the situation? >> guest: the war had started in september 1939, peter, and germany had overrun poland. hitler's idea at this point was to invade france and knock britain out of the war thereby with the intent later on to invade the soviet union. he just, he hated communism. this was one thing that was really part of his agenda. he was actually going to invade france in winter time, in november or december. he had to put that off because -- >> host: of 1939? >> guest: of 1939. because the invasion plans fell into the hands of the french and the british. so he put off the invasion until may, and he came up with a new plan. the old plan, actually, had been similar to world war i. it was going to come th
. delaware shocks virginia 59-53, the blue hens first win over an acc team in more than 50 years. george mason falls to bucknell on the road 61-56. >>> it should be crazy to even mention the playoffs, why the struggling nfc east has the redskins thinking crazy thoughts next. >>> the odds aren't good for the skins. in the current 12 team playoff format only three teams have ever started 3-6 and made the postseason. all three snuck in with wildcard berths. no 3-6 team has won their division. the redskins aren't playing the odds. they're playing football and think they have a shot and it has everything to do with the state of the division. giants lead the nfc east 6-4 but slid back losing their last two. dallas has the easiest final seven games but is a 4-5. the 3- 6 eagles have lost five straight. it's doubtful the wildcard team will come out of the east. really the skins have the best shot to win the division. they're 2 1/2 games out with seven to play. >> people look at you and say that it's over or you didn't have a chance, but now you look at everybody else and we're all in the same bo
loss to george mason last week taking on fairfield tonight. joe harris in the paint. the jumper falls. first cavs lead of the game. 33-32 in the 2nd half. fairfield was atrocious in the 2nd half scoring 15 points. mitchell gets the hoop and adds another dozen points. virginia get their first win, 54-45 the final. >>> coming up redskins hop back in the game week. might they have a few more healthy bodies ready to face the eagles sunday? the redskins report right around the corner. ♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> no matter when the bye week hits, just about every coach or player will tell you it hits at the perfect time, but for the redskins it really did, a time to get healthy and forget recent struggles and double up on preparation as they get set for a short week next week. on the health front it was the first practice in nearly a month for pierre garcon. he's not 100%, but using his reps in practice this week to test out the injured foot. the outlook is better for safety brandon merry me
this afternoon posted what it called a victory rally at george mason university. >> i think the question of this election comes down to this. do you want four more years like the last four years? or do you want real change? >> thousands lined up outside the patriot center in fairfax county for the final campaign event. >> i have some real concerns about the direction our company is going. >> with one in six in poverty, we can do better as americans. >> this is the second of two campaign stops romney is making in virginia. the latest polling in this critical swing state shows the two candidates at and even finished. >> i am very concerned. >> it is going to be the biggest voting day ever in history, that i know of, in my lifetime. >> president obama and narrowly won virginia in 2008 by a mere six percentage points. crowds have gathered here today to galvanize and be sure that does not happen again. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> mitt romney is not the only candidate fighting in virginia. vice-president joe biden started his warning along side tim kaine in sterling. both campaigns investe
improve even more. >> i find it fascinating. i brought it up at george mason university. the professor there. you've got, they say, 10% of the country pays 90% of the taxes. then you have 90% of the country voting. 90% of the country deciding where the money is going to go. it strikes me as curious as to how the republicans can overcome that. >> the reality is you're heading for a system, as you say, probably 90% or more of the country will simply pay nothing in federal taxes. >> that's ridiculous. >> you're headed into that. >> they pay sales taxes, all sorts of other taxes too. >> the -- they take a child deduction, a home mortgage deduction. >> if you want to have that argument that's fine. mitt romney would gladly pay all of those taxes. not a winning argument from the republicans. where does the republican, i guess it's back to the point, where does the republican party move from here? does it look like paul ryan is the gold standard for the republican party? >> paul ryan is a 25 year friend of mine. i don't think paul ryan would launch a presidential campaign. he really hates fu
politically based on campaign contribution records. a george mason university politics professor says polls this election season confirm a growing gender gap with women leaning towards obama and then towards romney. >> at the issues have forced the more in this election than any other. >> although it can be a deal breaker for some couple, this one agrees to disagree. >> it is a compromise bill and when to stop before it gets really nasty -- knowing when to stop before it gets really nasty. >> when the verdict is in, the spouses agree to save the celebration for outside of the home. >> all seven celebrities on dancing with the stars -- >> they had to mix two dances together for fusion night into a swing in dance marathon. she ended up with the highest score by earning 39 points. at the bottom,
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